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Wedge Plug Valve Manufacturer

Wedge Type Plug Valves (WPV) are also known as Lift Plug Valves. They are Non-lubricated metal to metal seated valves. In order to minimise the operating torque, the plug is first lifted before it goes for a quarter turn and dropped down to reseat again.

WPV are equipped with purge ports to purge or flush the valve when in line itself. These types of valves are used in services that contain a lot of suspended particles, high in viscosity and density. In both the seated closed and seated open positions, owing to the design uniqueness in Wedge Type Plug Valve, the seats are always secured from the media with the seat arrangement.
WPV are the most suitable valves for delayed or late coking process as the media is of very high temperature and valve seating issues will also be prevalent

Application Areas:

Petroleum Refining
Crude oil Pipelines, Terminals & Storage units
Coal gasification
Chemical processing
Water works

Salient Features:

  1. Metal-to-metal seating: Avoiding any replacement of damaged seat resulting in frequent maintenance downtime.
  2. Reduced Wear: The plug and the body are perfectly matched for a smooth operation with hard facing by Stellite coating wherever required.
  3. Reduced Torque: The lift movement of the plug results in a low operating and closing torque in turn resulting in reduction of actuator size and its cost.
  4. Port opening: Available in both Full port (100%) and Rectangular port (70% or 90%).
  5. In-line Flushing during operation: Flushing can be done when the valve is in line with the same process fluid or steam through the purge ports which highly reduces the maintenance downtime.
  6. Bi-directional sealing with double block-and-bleed capability
  7. Reliable isolation performance as wider seat area bears process damages over a longer period.
Size Range:1⁄2″ – 36″ (DN 15 – 900)
Plug Options:

Port openings 70%, 90%, 100%

Pressure Ratings:ASME Class 150 – 1500
End Connection : Raised Face Flanged, RTJ, SOCKET WELD, BET WELD
Temperature : From cryogenic to 600°F (200°C)
Pressure Ratings:

Carbon Steel – WCB, Stainless Steel – CF8M, ASTM A-217 – C5, ASTM A217 – C-12, WC6, WC9, CFX8 and other special MOCs on request