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RFL fully encapsulated Lined Plug valve can be operated for bi-directional flow. These valves are used for ON/OFF services where process media temperature ranges from -30°C to 260°C. Body is made of high precision investment casting, the plug is completely encapsulated with PFA and the body is lined with the same making it highly durable and long lasting in severe and corrosive applications.

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Our standard manufacturing size range is from ½” to 12” in ANSI class 150 and ½” to 4” in ANSI class 300. Virgin unpigmented PFA (Perfluoroalkoksy) liner creates an uniform thick lining throughout the body and plug through the injection moulding process. This Lining is locked in the machined dove tail groove or ribs in the metal part of the body. The locked-in lines are unpigmented, shrinkage free. The design is cavity free and the lining assures full circumferential sealing. The thickness of the PFA lining is 3mm and spark tested up to a maximum of 20,000 volts.

Salient Features:

  • Economical alternative to expensive special alloy MOC
  • Impeccable performance in severe and extremely corrosive applications
  • Very minimal or no pressure drop due to large ports
  • Better permeation resistance
  • Easy to install and maintain with in-line adjustment, no disassembly required from the line
  • Positive stem seal with reverse lip design
  • Zero Leakage (bubble tight shut-off)
  • Reliable, easy to operate and less torque
  • Lining locked in special grooves, suitable for high vacuum and high pressure applications without lining collapse or shrinkage and blow-out.
  • Offered with both pneumatic and electric actuators

Points to notes:

  1. The PFA material deforms under load and when subjected to change in Temperature / Pressure. When the valve is used in high pressure service, PFA deforms and cannot return to its original shape after which it cannot be used in Low pressure application. Hence, the valve is not advisable to be used in high pressure services.
  2. Keep the lining material free from any stress when the valve is stored. Stress can again result in deformation.
  3. Kindly ensure to apply uniform force when rotating the hard wheel/wrench as it may cause misalignment between the plug and lining resulting in a high flow rate and also leads to accumulation of media between the lining and valve body, causing the lining to gradually rip-off from the valve body.
  4. When it is in fully open condition, the encapsulated plug and body are in the same line and is not in content with the medium. Similarly when the plug is fully closed, it isolates the medium from the lining and hence there is no diffusion of process fluid between the plug and the body.