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Streamlined, Robust and Quick adaptability to all the needs


RFL undergoes several test for their quality

At RFL, most of the tests, qualifications and certifications that are the industry norms throughout the world are carried out in-house. Various testings ranging from those that are part of our regular routine to many other high end testing which could involve product prototyping, destructive & non-destructive, third party certifications or endorsements by clients. RFL can perform Fire Test as per API 607 or API 6FA, Vacuum Test by Hood method, cycle testing of the products, fugitive emission, valve actuation and many more.

We have a fully equipped and skilled quality department in-house to perform all the necessary quality checks and control. We also possess the necessary third party certifications and accreditations to supply almost all parts of the world including CE mark, CRN, etc.

Our Infrastructure

RFL has laid a very strong foundation by developing a very robust and streamlined manufacturing set-up spanning over to about 65000 sq feet. The capability to quickly adapt to various project requirements and industry needs without compromising on the stringent quality plans is an attribute that RFL has gained by the rich experience of more than 4 decades. Ready to deliver inventory of more than 500 valves in a day is another major virtue that sets us apart!

Rasaii Flow Lines is a pioneer in manufacturing Sleeved and Lined Plug Valves. Our Lined Ball Valves has a copyright design making it the most unique in the entire world. Offering the best quality valves in a short lead time has made us cling to the position as a preferred valve manufacturing partner in India and around the world.
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Main Activities in RFL

  Raw Material Inspection and Testing
  Precision VMC/CNC Machining - 1
  By Flow
  Precision VMC/CNC Machining - 2
  Sub-System Assembly
  QC Testing of Assembled Valve