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Exploring the Benefits of PTFE Sleeved Plug Valves: Features and Advantages

March 13, 2023

Maintenance-Free Solution with 100% Assured Sealing:

PTFE Sleeved Plug Valve body in investment casting gives the best finishing externally and internally. We provide the lips and Sealing top and bottom which help the PTFE Sleeve will filled in the gap. So sealing is 100% assured. 

PTFE Sleeved Pug Valve

PTFE Sleeved Plug Valve consists of a body, plug, PTFE sleeve, diaphragm and wedge ring, thrust collar, cover plate, fasteners, and locking device.

The PTFE sleeve is fixed in the body and compressed so that it fills all the areas, including the gaps, to prevent leakage. The ground finishing of the plug and smooth finishing of the sleeve ensure bubble tight shut off, and the diaphragm wedge ring and thrust collar prevent leakage in the stem area.

Compared to lubricated plug valves, the sleeve plug valve has no contamination, making it more suitable for chemical applications.


  • Non – Lubrication 
  • Maintenance Free 
  • No Jamming Effect Like Lubricated Plug Valve. 
  •  Economical Price 
  • Can Be Easily Operate Even After A Year

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